About Us

Mr. Milan Gujarati (Co-Founder)

Mr. Milan Gujarati is a passionate businessman who wants to apply his skills to make the human life much easier and comfortable. He holds the degree in Electronics Engineering. He has a vision to make the one stop solution for the dealer and organize the electrical service sector and create the win-win situation for the manufacturer & end user.

 Mr. Pratik Patel (Co-Founder)Pratik Patel Vukar Automation

Mr. Pratik Patel took his Computer Engineering degree and applied his passion of sales automation strategy with sincere efforts. As a computer engineer he applied his logical abilities to develop the roots of the company. He has guided several small scale industries to organize the sales system.


We are a team of great & passionate individuals who believe they can make an positive impact of each person's life.

1. We are a creative: We have created our own way in the world of competition in the field of agriculture. We have not only created the equipments but we have added the value to the life.

2. We are technocrat: We are a team of passionate technocrate who believe to make a difference in people's life by creating the positive impact of the technology.

3. We are helpful: We are not a company but a human. By using the technology, we always try to become helpful to achieve each person's daily, weekly/monthly goals.